Switchboard Upgrades

Don’t wait until it breaks to fix it!

When switchboards break, there’s usually disaster and heartache. Electrical problems are ‘sleepers’ that wake up with fury.

Old fuses & switchboards can & do cause fires.
People can & do lose properties & lives.
Don’t take risks!

You happily maintain the parts of your home that you can see: gutters, walls, woodwork etc. Protect your precious family and property by making sure your electrical system is safe by performing switchboard upgrades before disaster strikes.

Circuit Breakers

Circuit breakers have taken the place of fuses in electrical switchboards. A circuit breaker is an overload device similar to a fuse, but with the advantage that it can be reset just by turning the switch back to the On position. There is no need to replace fuse wire or burnt cabling – a risky process that can easily go wrong.

Safety Switches

A Safety Switch is an electrical cut-out device that turns off automatically when an electric shock is received. If your child puts a knife into the toaster while it’s switched on, he or she could potentially receive a fatal electric shock. Instead, the safety switch immediately turns itself off at the switchboard, stopping power to the toaster. It’s a simple way to protect your family, and all new homes are required by law to have one. And if you have an electricity outage, you simply go to your switchboard and turn the safety switch back on.

Fire Risk

One of the main causes of electrical fire in homes is the replacement of fuse wire with the wrong size wire. This means that the lights will work but the fault remains, slowly burning the cable, until a full-blown electrical fire ignites.

In the long term, especially in older homes, circuit breakers save money on call-outs to electricians for minor repairs to burnt cables, burnt or blown fuses or potential fires. But more importantly, they protect lives and property.

Circuit breakers are compulsory for all new dwellings.
But what about your older home? If you have fuses in your switchboard, you are vulnerable and you are due for switchboards upgrades to bring your home in line with modern dwellings.


  • There’s quality product and there’s rubbish.
  • Beware of anyone who won’t provide a receipt.
  • Make sure the product and the work comes with a guarantee.

AIRS Electrical Contractors use only high-quality products guaranteed by the manufacturer. And we guarantee our own work with our receipt.