Thermal Image Hot Joint Testing

What is Infrared Scanning?

Thermal Imaging (Infrared Scanning) finds hidden hot spots in your electrical structure and equipment. You can fix them before they cause fires or other irreparable equipment damage.

Unusual heat levels mean future trouble – burnt out equipment that could cost you thousands of dollars to replace, and fires that could destroy your building.

Using thermal imaging, we can check the radiant heat coming from your building structure or your plant equipment. We can fix problems before they cause you a major headache.

Thermography Services

A Thermograph is made with a thermal imaging camera that sees electromagnetic radiation, which is impossible to detect with the human eye.

Thermography builds a picture that uses colours for various temperature ranges and makes it easy to identify potential trouble spots in your electrical infrastructure. It also helps you save energy by finding sources of heat leaks so we can fix them.

Thermal Imaging Working for You

  • Identifies potential problems before they blow up in your face.
  • Early warning and corrective action costs less than fixing damage from a major electrical fault.
  • Thermal imaging can be done while your business is running, so there’s no disruption to your day-to-day functioning.