Commercial & Industrial Voltage Power Optimisation

Lower voltage = lower consumption = lower bills.

Voltage power optimisation technology reduces your power bills and your emissions and improves the quality of power supplied to your building.

Australia’s electricity grid supplies 242V power. But most appliances are designed to run on an ideal range of 220V to 225V. This means that you’re using more energy than you need, and your appliance will not achieve its rated lifespan. Everyone loses except the power companies!

Here’s what happens:

AIRS Electrical Contractors can assess your building to determine whether your business could benefit from Voltage Power Optimisation (not all businesses need it). And we’ll calculate approximately how much you will save from this technology.

We recommend first talking to us about a free initial energy audit to assess your lighting solutions and whether power factor or solar could be right for you. Voltage Power Optimisation is the final step to consider for the longevity of your equipment and further energy savings.

A Voltage Power Optimiser is designed to correct the problem of over-voltage. It is also capable of addressing several other common power quality issues.


Voltage  Power Optimisation delivers improved power quality to your site and savings to your business.

SavesElectricalEnergy voltage power optimisation

Reduces energy use & costs by up to 20%

Improvespowerfactor voltage power optimisation

Reduces your maximum demand by up to 10%

Reduces carbon emissions by up to 20%

Transientprotection volatge power optimisation

Protects electrical & electronic equipment from transients

reducesharmonics voltage power optimisation

Suppresses harmonics that can damage sensitive electronic equipment

Reduces phase voltage imbalance, improving the efficiency of AC motors