Free Energy Saving Assessment

Save on your power bill
Reduce your household energy output
Reduce your maintenance needs
Maximise safety and power quality
Improve light quality
Arrange your free energy saving assessment

How it Works

Step 1: Assess & Analyse:

  • Your power bills for where wasted power is costing you the most money
  • Where there could be existing hidden hazards just waiting to start a fire
  • How much you could save in power and maintenance costs with new quality light fittings and other energy saving devices
  • Whether you need voltage power optimisation and how much it could save you
  • Whether adding a solar solution or improving the efficiency of your existing solar system is worthwhile

Step 2: Work out:

  • How much it will all cost
  • ROI / payback period or whether by using finance (your own or ours) you can be cash positive from Day 1.

Step 3: Act

Based on our Energy Audit, we recommend the best plan of action to optimise your home’s energy usage without spending money on activities that don’t have a significant enough savings or safety return.

Environmental Benefits

Typical clients can reduce carbon emissions by over 60%

We recycle all old tubes, bulbs, and metal fittings

All work comes with an Environmental Saving Certificate outlining your contribution to a cleaner environment