Commercial Switchboard Panels & Electrical Rewiring

Power to your business should always be operating at its most efficient.

Your  business’ electrical panel should be operating efficiently to provide optimum service. Your switchboard needs to communicate information quickly, effectively and easily, and the wiring in your business is also just as important.

Faulty wiring can cause dangerous power surges, power cuts, and can start electrical fires. It can also cost you hundreds of extra dollars a year in electrician fees or replacing electrical equipment, just to name a couple.

Questions to consider

  • Is your business safe?
  • Have you simply been replacing globes when your lights blow up or burn out, ignoring the potential for a much deeper and more serious problem?
  • How often do you have to call a sparkie to fix an issue?
  • If the power cuts out, does it leave the whole place without power or just a particular section?

    Our Services

    Our highly experienced and professional electricians are experts in all domestic and commercial switchboard and rewiring projects, however large or small.

    Don’t wait for an issue to occur, talk to us today your free energy audit, so we can help you with any issues (seen or unseen) you might have:

    AIRS Electrical will provide you with a comprehensive quotation, so you won’t get any surprises afterwards.

    However, you might be surprised (and pleased) to see how much more efficiently your  business runs, and with the reduction in your next power bill!

    AIRS Electrical can find hidden problems with thermal imaging of switchboards.

    Thermography builds a picture that uses colours for various temperature ranges and makes it easy to identify potential trouble spots in your electrical infrastructure. Unusual heat levels mean future trouble – burnt out equipment that could cost you thousands of dollars to replace, and fires that could destroy your building.