Residential Solar Power

Can You Save money with residential solar power?

If you live in South East Queensland you get lots of sun exposure so it makes sense that most homeowners in SEQ should be able to save money by installing solar panels.  In fact, well over 30% of the homes in the Brisbane area have already switched to solar and most have reduced their electricity bills substantially.

AIRS Electrical Contractors will advise you on the latest developments in solar panel technology and which panels are best for your home.

Not all solar panels are equal, and here, as in most things, it’s a case of ‘buyer beware’.  For example a lot of buyers think they have a 10 year warranty on their solar panels but find the warranty is provided by a Chinese manufacturer and you have to pay to ship the panels back to China in order to make a claim.

We’re a local business and plan to be here for the long term! We stand by our work and our products and won’t recommend a product we don’t believe in.

    Is a Solar Panel installation a good investment?

    When you factor in the “free electricity” you get from your solar panels, the solar rebate you get when installing plus the feed in tariff you are paid on electricity that you sell back to the power company, most people experience a return on the purchase price of over 20%.  That compares pretty well with the maximum interest you could get from a bank (1.5%) or even the 4.1% average return from super funds for the last 5 years.

    The key is of course to ensure both the panels you install and the installation work are of sufficient quality to keep producing those returns.

    How do I know how much Solar Power will save me?

    The best way to get an accurate quote is to get one from a local company (like us) that knows your area.  A call centre operator in Asia might be able to generate a generic quote with impressive numbers, but only a local can look at your house and take into consideration the type of roof,  shade issues, directional issues, your usage patterns etc and give you real advice and value options.

    We’re not aligned to any one manufacturer, so we’re at liberty to give you unbiased advice – and we will, in our no-nonsense way!

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