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At AIRS Electrical, we cut your power bills, but we don’t cut corners.

We offer you the best complete energy solution in Brisbane for your needs including lighting, solar, power factor correction and more.

The benefits go straight to your bottom line.

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“Anywhere companies have pursued energy efficiency they have ended up making money, even if money wasn’t their initial goal.”  

David Goldstein, The End of Oil

Rebates Available: NSW Government Energy Savings Scheme and QLD Energex Positive Payback Plan. WE DO ALL THE WORK
NSW Electrical Contractors Licence 60852c  |  Qld Electrical Contractors Licence 79172  |  airs electrical contractors master electricians electrical near me  Master Electricians Registration 10806

Grid-connect Design & Install of photovoltaic power systems
Accreditation Number A8371621

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Book your free Energy Assessment today and start boosting your profits.

Take back control of your power today!

Investment in energy efficiency pays for itself and delivers big dividends!

AIRS Electrical Contractors specialise in energy efficiency

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  • Assess

    Assess your energy usage including lighting, voltage, power factor just to name a few.
    Analyse your current bills to identify savings.
    Assess quality and quantity of energy using / saving equipment for real dollar savings.
    Build a plan of action to optimise your design and equipment and start saving.

  • Implement

    Design integrated solution to reduce consumption, increase safety and productivity.
    Upgrade infrastructure for safety and longevity.
    We do it right once and guarantee our work.
    Finance model minimises capital cost.

  • Reduce

    Reduce usage.
    Reduce wastage.
    Reduce heat load.
    Reduce costs.

  • Save

    See your power bills decrease immediately - Rapid ROI.
    Save running costs.
    Avoid Risk.
    Save replacement costs - Stop paying electricians to repeatedly change light bulbs every few months.

Environmental Benefits

Typical clients can reduce carbon emissions by over 60%

We recycle all old tubes, bulbs, and metal fittings

All work comes with an Environmental Saving Certificate outlining your contribution to a cleaner environment