Business Energy Solutions

Get lower power bills and cut your business energy usage by tackling the problems that make your energy costs sky-rocket.

Are you a building owner or long-term tenant who wants to:

  • Lower running costs and increase profit?

  • Offer lower running costs as a value-add to tenants?

  • Meet the terms of the CBD program?

  • Avoid additional tariffs for poor “power factor”?

  • Proudly promote your “green” credentials?

  • Invest in a solution that pays for itself?

People are often happy to continue to pay far higher power costs than they need to, whether business energy costs or at home, because power is a basic essential; a budgeted running cost. It’s silent, it’s working, and you don’t notice it. Until the bill arrives.

Electricity bills are rising, and set to rise even further. Savvy business people question many expenses, but the very thing that keeps our businesses running is generally not considered an area for great improvement in cost control and profit.

When we conduct an assessment, our clients are amazed at the extra costs they are incurring, month after month, simply because of things like faulty infrastructure or ineffective fixings.

You can be amazed too! Call us today!

Typical outcome of our Energy Assessment & Retrofit:

How it works


  • Assess your lighting design for savings.
  • See where behind the scenes inspections should be done to avoid fires and wasted energy.
  • Analyse your current bills to identify savings.
  • Assess quality and quantity of lighting equipment for savings.
  • Build a plan of action to optimise your design and equipment and start saving.


  • Design an integrated solution to reduce consumption, increase safety and productivity.
  • Upgrade infrastructure for safety and longevity.
  • We do it right once and guarantee our work.


  • Finance model minimises capital cost.
  • Reduced usage + Reduced wastage + Reduced heat load = Reduced costs.
  • Reduced business risk with the best quality end-to-end solution.


  • See your power bills decrease immediately.
  • Save replacement costs.
  • Rapid ROI.