Why Choose AIRS Electrical Contractors

We are expert electrical contractors specialising in energy efficiency.

  • electricianWe’re usage experts AND expert retrofitters
  • We use quality products that deliver the best ROI long-term
  • The products we represent are warrantied and so is our labour 
  • We’re experienced with all kinds of buildings and uses

We take great pride in our work. We specialise in looking at your electrical usage as a whole and providing a plan of attack tailored to your business, your patterns of power usage, and your power needs both now and in the future.

With power prices rising, we’re really excited about helping Australian businesses cut power usage whilst improving their lighting power quality. We want to see your hard earned dollars stay in your business and not be thrown away to the power companies.

Make no mistake, power prices are going to continue to rise. The amount of money businesses can save is massive. Let us help your business build a plan, assess, implement, reduce, and save.

Investment in energy efficiency pays for itself and delivers big dividends!

Take back control of your power today – call 1800 We Lower

We have no conflicts of interest

Our #1 priority is to provide you with maximum energy savings at minimal expense. Our goal is for you to be cash positive. We want to see your business save as much money as possible as soon as possible. We stake our reputation on it.

  • We are not a lighting company – we do not import cheap product
  • We are not a power factor company – we install power factor correction when needed
  • We are not a normal solar company – we ONLY install safe, reliable solar systems that will last the 25 years, producing the correct amount of power.

We recommend the best product and solution for the needs of your business. If power factor correction equipment won’t provide sufficient savings to justify the investment – we DON’T recommend it. If we believe you can have optimal lighting with only 1/3 of your current number of fittings, we’ll recommend cutting out 2/3 of your lights based on our primary focus which is maximum energy reduction.

We install the highest quality light fittings that will outlast the cheaper competition many times over. We want your business to carry on for the next 10 years without calling us or anyone else to change anything.

We recommend and offer finance on all our services and recommended products along with the strong assurance that entails.

Why is this significant?

Finance companies will not provide finance unless products and services can be guaranteed to stand the test of time and provide a significant enough ROI.

Finance also helps businesses invest in energy reduction without any capital outlay.

For example:

Or do nothing and keep outlaying the $3000 to your power supplier and receive nothing.

For businesses with a turnover under $10 million, a $20,000 instant tax reduction is available.

Finance lease payments like your car is also tax deductible (check with your accountant).