Solar Power Solutions

Save your business money and do your bit for the environment!

It makes sense to capitalise on the abundant, year-round sunlight that Brisbane and Sydney enjoy and implement solar power solutions in your business. Solar power plays a part in helping to reduce your business’s power bills and it’s also a great step towards a cleaner, more environmentally sustainable future.

AIRS Electrical Contractors will advise you on the latest developments in solar panel technology.

Not all solar panels are equal, and here, as in most things, it’s a case of ‘buyer beware’. Let us advise you on the best quality solar panels; panels that live up to their claims and stand up to the harsh Australian sun. We can also give you the latest information on the government’s rebates and incentives.

We’re not aligned to any one manufacturer, so we’re at liberty to give you unbiased advice – and we will, in our no-nonsense way!

Call us today 1800 93 56 937 to find out how solar can play a part in your lower power bills.