Energy Efficient Solutions

We lower power bills by making Aussie homes safer and more energy efficient

You don’t need to put up with expensive power bills anymore. Our experienced electrical contractors would love to help you save money, help the environment and provide a safer home for your family through smart and energy efficient solutions.

Do you know what’s in your roof or the state of your switchboard? People regularly service their cars, but often neglect their most valuable asset – their home. Let the experts with no conflict of interest with lighting, solar, and other suppliers find and fix the hazards and power wasters in your home.

Our Process


  • Assess your lighting design for savings.
  • See where behind the scenes inspections should be done to avoid fires and wasted energy.
  • Analyse your current bills to identify savings.
  • Assess quality and quantity of lighting equipment for savings.
  • Build a plan of action to optimise your design and equipment and start saving.


  • Design an integrated solution to reduce consumption and increase safety.
  • Upgrade infrastructure for safety and longevity.
  • We do it right once and guarantee our work.


  • Reduced usage + Reduced wastage + Reduced heat load = Reduced costs.
  • Reduced fire risk with the best quality end-to-end solution.


  • See your power bills decrease immediately.
  • Save replacement costs.

And get improved light quality and atmosphere as a bonus!