Halogen Downlights v LED Downlights

Most homes used to have one light in the middle of each room. This light was usually 60 watts. Then came the Halogen Low Voltage Downlight and everyone wanted low voltage thinking it meant low power.

We are billed in watts. So if you replace a 60 watt light bulb with 4 x 50 watt downlights in a room, you have succeeded in going from using 1 x 60w = 60w to using 4 x 50w = 200w. So you’ve added 140 billable watts to your electricity bill and that’s just one room… Imagine a business with hundreds of these!

AIRS Electrical helps homes and businesses go from 50w to 10w. So for example, a room with 4 halogen downlights goes from using 4 x 50w = 200w to using 4 x 10w = 40w. That’s 160 watts off your bill per room!


But remember, switching light bulbs isn’t the answer. We install only the highest quality LED Fittings, so once it’s in there, you won’t have to touch it for a very very long time; saving maintenance and replacement costs and with the added comfort of knowing your installation has been checked for faulty or dangerous wiring by professionals.

We service our cars once a year. When is the last time someone looked in your ceiling? Lighting Salesmen change light bulbs. We are electrical contractors. We change Light Fittings