Priceline Pharmacy

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Typical Retail – Priceline Pharmacy – The Hills Shopping Centre


Priceline Pharmacy is a retail store, as well as being a dispensing chemist. Any retail environment is more customer friendly when it’s lit by high quality lighting – there are many studies that demonstrate this. When there’s high quality lighting, customers not only feel more comfortable, but they tend to stay longer in the store. Not surprisingly, this has been linked to sales increases of over 30 percent after a retail store has upgraded its lighting.

In the case of this Priceline store, the majority of the original light fittings were recessed fluorescent, so when adding the internal control gear wattage, averaged at 90 watts per fitting. These were not only more expensive than necessary to operate, but they did little to enhance the ambience of the store. Other lights – rectangular downlights – were failing regularly, and this was a significant, unnecessary cost to the business.


  • All fluorescents were changed to LED Panels, saving over 60 watts per light.
  • All those rectangular downlights, that were constantly being changed, were also replaced with LED.


Reduced lighting costs weren’t the only benefit.

  • Air Conditioning running costs were also reduced, because LED doesn’t produce heat.
  • The store was noticeably brighter. Staff and management noticed the difference. And most importantly, customers noticed. Some even approached the staff,  asking about the different looking lights.


$8,235 per year saving on power bill

Government Rebate: 777 Energy Saving Certificates (ESC) at $22 = $17,094 rebate

28,656 kgs of Carbon Saved*. This is equivalent to:

  • 12,161 litres of petrol saved
  • 1,433 trees saved


* The Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions are calculated using the standardized measurement of units equivalent to carbon dioxide, denoted CO2-e.

Equivalencies are based on rates provided on the Greenhouse Gas Equivalencies calculator produced by the Environmental Protection Agency (US).

Energy Certificate

On completion and after the recycling of all tubes and metal fittings, an environmental saving certificate is presented to the customer outlining their contribution to a cleaner environment.


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