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Typical Office – James Clifford Constructions


Typical of most offices, James Clifford Constructions’ lighting is turned on early in the morning and turned off late in the evening, reflecting the long hours of business operation.

Most of the 4 x 18w fluorescent fittings had been damaged by heat, caused by years of use. At least 1 tube in every light was not working. Electricity costs were high, but the quality of office lighting was poor.

All halogen downlights were constantly being replaced since, unlike in a home environment, they also were on 14 hours a day.


  • We recommended the replacement of all fluorescent fittings with 600 x 600 recessed LED panels, and the replacement of all 50w downlights with LED downlights.
  • As a maintenance saving, all emergency and exits were replaced with LED.
  • Outside, security and carpark lights were replaced with LED spots and LED Surface Mounted Fittings, controlled via movement sensors set to night time only.


  • Air Conditioning running costs reduced, as LED has no heat
  • Offices were brighter: tasks such as estimators measuring off plans were made significantly easier because of brighter lighting
  • All tubes were recycled
  • All metal fittings were recycled
  • The inconvenience and cost of replacing tubes every few weeks is no longer an issue


76% on Energy Use!
$10,300 per year on Power Bill!

Government Rebate: 580 Energy Saving Certificates (ESC) at $22 = $12,760 rebate

36,000 kgs  of Carbon Saved*. This is equivalent to:

  • 15,300 Litres of Petrol Saved
  • 1,800 Trees Saved


* The Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions are calculated using the standardized measurement of units equivalent to carbon dioxide, denoted CO2-e.

Equivalencies are based on rates provided on the Greenhouse Gas Equivalencies calculator produced by the Environmental Protection Agency (US).

Energy Certificate

On completion and after the recycling of all tubes and metal fittings, an environmental saving certificate is presented to the customer outlining their contribution to a cleaner environment.


Typical Office