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Block of Units – Strata – Common Areas – Joynton Avenue Zetland


Like most blocks of units, Joynton Avenue has Common Area, Basement, and Fire Stair lighting that operates 24 hours a day, all year round. The cost is shared by the residents of the block.

To reduce energy bills, the residents removed tubes from the lights. This meant that the building was under-lit: a safety and a security issue.


  • After our inspection, we recommended that all lighting, including exit and emergency lights, be replaced with quality LED.
  • Car park fluorescent lights were replaced with LED panels and controlled by movement sensors to further reduce power costs.
  • Fire Stair lights were replaced with LED Panels with dim down sensor controls, so there was still some light at 10% when the stairwell was empty, but full brightness whenever the fire doors were opened.
  • Lift Lobbies’ 35 watt oyster lights were replaced with new 10 watt LED oysters, which were controlled via Time Clocks.
  • Exit and emergency lights were replaced as a maintenance saving strategy.

In the process, we discovered more than 40% of the wiring inside the oysters was badly burned by heat. In our experience, this meant that a fire was inevitable in the future.


  • Reduced risk to personal safety and security with adequate lighting at all times
  • No more maintenance callouts to Electricians
  • No more tubes being changed, then thrown in the bin to end up as land fill
  • All tubes recycled
  • All metal light fittings recycled


$15,900 per year saving on Power Bill

Government Rebate: 725 Energy Saving Certificates (ESC) at $22 = $15,950 rebate

44,000 kgs Carbon Saved*. This is equivalent to:

  • 10,774 Litres of Petrol Saved
  • 2,212 Trees Saved


* The Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions are calculated using the standardized measurement of units equivalent to carbon dioxide, denoted CO2-e.

Equivalencies are based on rates provided on the Greenhouse Gas Equivalencies calculator produced by the Environmental Protection Agency (US).

Energy Certificate

On completion and after the recycling of all tubes and metal fittings, an environmental saving certificate is presented to the customer outlining their contribution to a cleaner environment.


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